A strong global demand pending technological solutions

  • In emerging markets where the development of power networks faces high demand linked to industrialization and the inadequacy of existing networks,
  • On the markets of industrialized countries that need to integrate renewable energy sources to the network and upgrade their old power networks to smart grids.

The figures

  • + 60 % worldwide Turnover + 60 % growth in global sales of smart grid technologies in the next 10 years
  • 70.2 billion dollar market a market worth $ 70.2 billion in 2023
  • +10% CAGR + 10 % annual growth for smart meters reaching 2 billion dollars in 2020
+ 60 % worldwide turnover
70.2 billion dollar market
+10% CAGR


Rapidly deploy smart communication solutions for all types of networks

Since the quality of wireless communications is a development challenge, meter manufacturers are looking for solutions including:

  • Easy to integrate and compact solution to deploy new networks and update existing ones,
  • An attractive cost to promote savings and encourage the rapid adoption of these technologies,
  • A reliable network communications for real-time adjustment of supply and demand,
  • A true interoperability based on industry standards.

Gridbee Communications solutions benefits

✔ All in one System on Chip, associated to its Ready to Manufacture reference design including all necessary system interfaces and software stacks.

Based on a standard protocol developed by utilities for their needs (IEEE 802.15.4g SUN: Smart Utility Networks), to guarantee interoperability.

The only first SoC capable of both FSK and OFDM modulations in the Sub-GHz frequency bands embedding flash memory, advanced 192Mhz dual core processor and USB core to ease integration.

the IEEE 802.15.4g solution in line with the expectations of the smart grid market