Secure, simplify, communicate!

The unique secure wireless broadband communication solution for smart objects in constrained environments.

GDB1000 in a few words

GDB1000 is an integrated M2M turnkey communication solution designed, developed and marketed by Gridbee Communications. It is designed for companies that develop M2M technology in industrial or demanding environments and who are looking for a simple, reliable and economical solution in order to connect devices to each other, in particular:

  • on the smart grid market, smart electricity meters manufacturers
  • on the industrial M2M market, designers and integrators of industrial site automation solutions,
  • manufacturers of industrial process components (sensors, motors, valves, etc.).

How does GDB1000 work?


enables machines

to communicate simply and effectively.
With a simple USB connected case, GDB1000 makes machines intelligent by allowing them to communicate among themselves and the company’s information system.



the communication between smart objects.
For this, our solution is based on :
  • medium and long range radio frequency technology (IEEE 802.15.4g SUN) that enables communication with the machine’s network,
  • a mesh network infrastructure that connects machine to one another in Peer-to-Peert mode and on LAN,
  • Gridbee’s expertise in wireless communications, electronic components, network architecture, and software development.


is delivered turnkey

It includes all of the components necessary for connecting smart devices.
  • A SoC (System on Chip) type component that incorporates all of the signal processing chain (radio, frequency, analog, digital),
  • An electronic board (or module) that is highly compact with a small footprint and printed antenna,
  • A software suite to manage and configure the module.