A market in full (r)evolution, driven by the IoT global market

  • An irreversible trend: more and more connected machines
    • Already 30% rate of adoption of M2M in the automotive, energy and consumer electronics industries
    • 10 billions of connected machines by 2018
    • 974 millions of M2M mobile connections by 2020
  • An ultra-dynamic market offering significant growth prospects
    • A market of 60 to 80 billions of dollars by 2020, of which 55 billions for industrial M2M
    • 14% CAGR estimated
30% of adoption rate
10 billions of connected machines
974 millions of mobile connections


The challenges of industrial M2M: more simplicity, more reliability, more productivity

Evolution of technologies is a requisite step in order to meet the expectations of market players and Industry 4.0 for:

  • ✔ guaranteeing the reliability of communications,
  • ✔ ensuring high speed communications to meet the complexity and the increasing volumes of processes and exchanged data,
  •  reducing delays and cost of implementation and maintenance of M2M and the infrastructure,
  • ✔ allowing multi-site communication and optimize real-time production,
  •  developing interoperability of solutions with the existing information system,
  • ✔ replacing wireless technologies that are too expensive (SIM card requiring a subscription) and/or unreliable (Wi-Fi).

Gridbee Communications solutions benefits

✔ An interoperable, turnkey communication solution , integrating radio, electronics, and network components, as well as software in one case. The “Plug & Play” solution automatically and instantly creates the network, connecting the machines and facilitating their integration into the existing information system.

✔ Reliability and high speed guaranteed, even in case of failure of one of the network points, thanks to technologies fit to industrial environments, such as a robust RF link and a mesh network architecture.

A turnkey solution that meets the productivity challenges of the industrial sector