GDB1000 in 6 key points:

the only integrated M2M Plug & Play communication solution dedicated to industrial environments



Connect GDB1000 and network instantly deploys.



Arrange all the necessary technology in a single case.


Immediate ROI

Reduce instantly infrastructure and operational costs.



Rely on industry standards for seamless integration into existing infrastructure.



Access to technologies dedicated to constrained and dissturbed environments.


Adaptable and configurable

Easily configure “over the air” thanks to the integrated software suite.

Plug&Play: connect and it’s deployed!

GDB1000 instantly networks your smart devices and requires no extra functional, hardware or software elements.

Power and connect the case to the machine and GDB1000 automatically creates your mesh network through the immediate identification of other modules. Our solution allows a self-configuring and self-evolving mesh network, as well as simplifying and automating software updates.

Integrated: arrange all the necessary technology contained in a single case

GDB1000 is the only “end-to-end” solution on the market integrating all the components necessary for communication between machines (ultra integrated SoC type, electronic card and software package).

Its highly developed integration provdes a small footprint and will install on any type of machine.

Immediate ROI: reduce instantly infrastructure and operational costs

With GDB1000, you realize very quickly reduced deployment, maintenance and operation costs.

Installation costs of our solution are 20 times less expensive than cellular SIM card configuration’s and 10 times less than Wi-Fi’s. Its processor and the associated power management offer optimization of energy consumption (less than 1 μW).

Interoperable: rely on industry standards for seamless integration into existing infrastructure

Standard protocol and interoperability ease the integration with your existing infrastructure.

GDB1000 is based on the standard protocol IEEE 802.15.4g SUN (Smart Utility Networks), endorsed by the smart grid stakeholders, and perfectly suited to the needs of industrial M2M. GDB1000 is a completely open system for connecting local mesh networks with other systems, while preserving the security and reliability of the data collected to meet the demands of Big Data.

Reliable: access to technologies dedicated to constrained and disturbed environments

Technology choices and know-how of our teams will guarantee you a reliable solution at your requirements.

  • The principle of the mesh network bypasses any failure of one of the network points.
  • Radio frequency ensures the security of transmissions regardless of the environment (no white areas) and offers average and long-range (up to 3km) broadband connections (up to 2.4 Mb/s).
  • Hardware encryption guarantees security of data exchanged.

Adaptable and configurable: easily configure “over the air” thanks to the integrated software suite

GDB1000 fits the existing infrastructure and requires no infrastructure, enabling it to integrate into any existing system.

Its integrated software suite allows bidirectional setup, leaving more freedom to integrate the module into its technological solution and / or existing information system.