Innovation for industry

Our vision: to simplify access to wireless technologies for industry players

Gridbee Communications was born from the desire of experts in wireless communications to provide innovative, economical, and simple solutions that meet the technological challenges of the industrial and energy fields. By developing all-in-one SoC with an emphasis on ease-of-use, without detracting from the requirements of reliability and profitability, Gridbee provides its customers with the best wireless technology based on IEEE standards. To let them achieve, simply, quickly and at a lower cost, their strategic objectives.

Our mission: to create tomorrow’s IoT wireless communication solutions

Gridbee Communications supports the major players in smart grid and IoTs in the development of their markets by providing wireless communication SoC tailored to the needs of their end customers. As a partner, Gridbee Communications deploys its innovative power and technological edge to build tomorrow’s wireless communication solutions.


Our core business: to design semiconductor products combining innovation and simplicity of operation

Gridbee Communications designs and develops wireless communication SoC for smart devices, dedicated to industrial environments. Gridbee Communications offers a full package including SoC, Ready to Manufacture reference design and software stack: a Plug and Play solution that accelerates the development of new IoT technologies. Because we are convinced that above all, innovation must be synonymous with simplicity, we design our solution package in the constant pursuit of efficiency, ease of use and performance.